Given the chance, it would be impossible to choose the best season for recreation. Lakes and forests beckon us outdoors year round. Nature is our main attraction, the centre of the lifestyle we love.


LAte spring / summer / early fall

Spring is lush and green, summer days are hot and the evenings are long. As fall sets in, the aspen turn bright yellow and the air is crisp. 

a day at the lake

With so many lakes around, the only challenge is choosing which one. Big lake or tiny lake? Beaches or mountains? Fishing, boating or swimming? Take your pick.

Pictured here is the Forestry Campsite at Tatlayoko Lake.



The mountains surrounding Tatla communities offer adventures for all levels, from day hikes through the alpine to rugged terrain and technical climbing routes for extreme adventure seekers. Hikers enjoy stunning views of the Niut, Potato, and Pantheon ranges and countless glacier lakes.



Tatla ladies (and gentlemen) know how to ride in the wild west. They're brave, skilled, and know the lay of the land. Hang on to your hats.



Tatlayoko Lake attracts windsurfers and kiteboarders from around British Columbia. High winds, stunning landscapes and camping on the lake make for perfect conditions.


LATE fall / winter / EARLY spring

Everything sparkles brilliant white. The days are short and the nights are long so we all get out there while the sun is shining.

ice skating

Pond Hockey = Canadian Paradise

Joe and Deborah's place on Horn Lake turns into a winter dreamscape.  




Friends gather on the ice for a mid-winter birthday party at One Eye Lake. (Perhaps if there was a little less laughter and chatter there would be more fish).